Strawberry Au Lait

A strawberry au lait with the perfect body balance and a smooth flavor.

A strawberry au lait with a mellow flavor, the perfectly balanced blend of juice from European strawberries and Kyushu raw milk.

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Names by category Cold Beverage
Net weight 200ml
Storing 常温保存
Expiration date 120 Days
Milk, Saccharide (Sugar, Fructose-glucose syrup), Powdered skim milk, Strawberry Fruit Juice, Dextrin, Milk based food product / Fragrance, Emulsifier, pH adjuster, Coloring (Carminic acid), Acidifier
Per 200ml
Calories 91kcal
Protein 1.8g
Fat 1.2g
Carbohydrates 18.2g
Salt content 0.1g